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“How important to lay our petitions before the Lord God of all things with utmost humility and sincere devotion.”

– Rule of St. Benedict, Chapter 20 verse 2

Community Prayer

Our Mission: We are Catholic Benedictine women committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which impels us to love as he loves us, through a common life of prayer, hospitality, and ministry.

These are the words of our Community Mission Statement, which is truly the foundation of our life. Our commitment to prayer is first and foremost. Our communal prayer (The Liturgy of the Hours) comes before all else, even before ministry. Without prayer, we cannot minister authentically.

Our private prayer consists of: Lectio Divina (praying with Scripture texts) and meditating on how the Scripture calls us to live, grow, and become the women God calls us to be.

We pray together throughout the day (morning, midday, evening, night, as well as the celebration of the Eucharist) and invite you to join us as we pray. Our typical schedule is found here. It is always a good idea to call ahead to make sure of specific prayer times. 918-742-4989