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About Sister Mary Clare Buthod, OSB

I always wanted to be a Benedictine Sister and I treasured the desire. I felt called and wanted to respond to that call with all my heart.

I had other interests as a child—skating and baton twirling. Sacristy work at the parish, Church choir, teaching religion on Saturdays were also favorite activities and, favorite of all, was going to our church and sitting in silence in the presence of God.

I remember when I was ready to enter. My joy was beyond measure. It was a Friday afternoon in August. My Postulant clothes were ready, and I thought they were the most beautiful clothes I had ever seen! I put them on and ran to church to give thanks to Jesus.

I experienced much joy in religious life! Going to pray before the Creator of the universe throughout the day with my sisters was a great joy!

The religious life is challenging and transforming. It is walking with Jesus and knowing all the time that I am on fire with love and gratitude.

Sister Mary Clare Buthod